Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas

Published In: Modern Furniture Design Created Date: 2018-02-20

Some Awesome Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas

Kick up your feet this spring and enjoy the fire! This years brand new fire pit landscaping ideas are integrating natural tones and simplicity into the scene. Whether your looking to design with propane, wood or a natural gas fire pit, we've got an idea. Let's start with the option of a wood burning fire pit. Below is a great option as it will last forever! These heavy duty steel fire pits are built to last and can be left outside in any weather conditions. There is a drain installed on the bottom so the rain water will not puddle and over time a natural patina develops which just looks more amazing every year. It's simple, just add fire wood and a match!

Barefoot Beach Wood Burning Fire Pit


Propane and natural gas fire pits have quite a different design look than the traditional wood burning version. As the Barefoot Beach fire pit above is wood burning it also has the option to convert to gas. The nice thing about using propane or natural gas is the easy start up and fire pit design options available.

It doesn't matter whether you're designing a living room, or your outdoor living space. Style, functionality and ease of care are of crucial importance. Simplicity and natural color tones are a focus this year. Taupe, natural browns, shades of gray and blacks are making an impressive statement. Eye catching and elegant fire pit landscaping ideas are what is desired today. The look of fire pit cannonballs are striking. They can be placed in many different fashions such as stacked up in the cannonball formation or scattered throughout. Below is a fantastic placement idea for the ceramic fire balls. Take note though. It's important to cover your gas burner with at least 1" of lava rock preferably a bit more or other base media beneath the fire balls, fire stones or fire glass. Also, be sure to allow space between each fire ball for heat to escape. Using the proper amount of lava rock or other base media is essential or the burner may produce an extra hot bushy flame that will cause black soot on the burner and fire balls.

Natural Lite Fire Stone Balls For Your Next Fire Pit Landscaping Idea

Another great option is using just plain ol' black lava rock by itself. It withstands extreme temperatures and is virtually maintenance free. Reflective fire glass is another great option as it is available in many colors to match your style. The hammered copper top fire pit table below features a 42" top which is plenty of space to set drinks upon and includes 30 lbs of free fire glass. This fire table comes with propane fittings and a natural gas conversion orifice to suit either need. The size and neutral color tones are perfect many patio fire pit landscapes.


Deciding what to filler to use is important as each one requires different care. Lava rocks are simple. Tumbled lava stones...same, simple. Fire stones, fire glass and ceramic fire balls look amazing but there are some guidelines to follow. But don't stop there, check out some affordable modern furniture while you're redecorating.