Modern Area Rugs for The Living Room

Published In: Modern Furniture Design Created Date: 2019-03-19

Practical Benefits of Having Modern Area Rugs for Your Living Room

Having an area rug does not only provide a visual interest to your space, it also has other practical benefits. You may still be unsure if you want to cover your beautiful floor with modern area rugs for the living room. The good thing about area rugs is that you can always remove them or reuse them for another space if you feel you want to show your floor in the living area.


One of the best benefits of having an area rug is that its look such as its motif, colors, and patterns can bring the other elements of your modern living room including your sofas, side tables, throw pillows, and other décor. But beyond aesthetics, let’s take a look at the other benefits that you can get from putting area rugs.


Reduces Noise

Area rugs can reduce the noise of your living room. It’s much quieter to walk on a carpet compared to a hard floor. Area rugs can also absorb sound. Maybe you’ve noticed that slight echo you hear in a room with no carpet. It’s because floors with no carpeting or area rugs cannot absorb sound. If you want to have a quieter space, getting an area rug would be a good idea.


Adds Comfort and Warmth

When you stand or walk on an area rug, it’s more comfortable and softer compared to standing or walking on a tile or hardwood floor. It’s good for your feet because the carpet absorbs your footsteps’ impact and some of the pressure is taken from your body.


Apart from the added comfort that area rugs can bring, it also warmer compared to a bare floor. It insulates more if the rug has a pad underneath. This makes area rugs great for the living room as well as in other rooms and even the basement floor which can get really cold.


Black and White Geometric Diamond 5x8 Area Rug
Ailani Geometric Chevron / Diamond 5x8

It Connects the Furniture Pieces Together

You may have observed how a space with a carpet just feels more cohesive that a room without it. But you can’t seem to determine why this is so. Here’s one good reason why an area rug can have this effect on a space.


A properly placed area rug helps in anchoring the furniture pieces of your living room. The space becomes more intimate and cozy this way. To know the right size of area rug to choose, make sure that the rug can accommodate the furniture pieces of the living room. If the sofas and chairs will sit outside of the rug, then it would feel like they are “floating.” Aim for a grounded and cohesive feel for your space.


How to Decorate a Space with Area Rugs

A boring room could use a good carpet. Of course, having an area rug in a room is just one of the several elements it needs to make it more lively and inviting. The good thing about decorating a room with a carpet is that it makes the room more complete. It can visually tie together all of the different furniture pieces, give warmth, and add definition.

Modern area rugs can definitely change the way the space looks and feels. And now that you already know the practical benefits of having area rugs in living room, you’re ready to shop for one. Here’s how you can decorate a space using area rugs.


Defining Areas

Antique Hand Woven Rug by YumanMod
Antique Camel Hand Woven Rug

You can use carpets to define a space or separate it from another area such as the dining and living spaces. Studio apartments can greatly benefit from this technique. If you have large rooms in your home with several functions, you can also use area rugs to add definition.


Creating Harmony

When you plan to use several rugs in one room, make sure that their styles will complement one another. Otherwise, you’ll have a rather unpleasant effect with too many patterns and colors. Creating harmony by choosing complementing carpets will help achieve a more inviting space.


Creating Variety

Rugs can be placed in a room to create variety. An example here is using two area rugs in one room. But you have to use rugs of different sizes to achieve this effect. When you use carpets of the same size, it can have an effect of visually cutting the space in to two. You’d want to have a cohesive space.


Controlling the Volume

Area rugs can be used to make a room quieter or make it more vibrant visually. If you already have furniture pieces that have ornate patterns, then it would be better to choose a rug with a more subtle design. Conversely, you can choose bolder colors or patters for your rug if the rest of the room is a bit more subdued.


Don’t Limit Yourself

Don’t think that all area rugs are rectangular and that how you’ll arrange a room is limited to that shape. The shape of the rug that you’ll choose depends on how you’ll arrange the furniture in the room. It’s actually the other way around. So, go ahead and choose an oval, circular, or square area rug if you want.


Final Thoughts

These are just some of the practical benefits of having modern area rugs for the living room. Hopefully, you now know how to choose carpets and how to place them in a room to achieve a certain effect. Combined with other elements in the room, you will surely have a space that you’d be proud of.