Modern Living Room Furniture Ideas

Published In: Modern Furniture Design Created Date: 2017-02-01

Some Really Great Ideas to Create the Modern Living Room of Your Dreams

Creating a perfect modern living room is easier than you think. With so many fresh ideas and availability of modish furnishings, the living room of your dreams is not hard to achieve. It doesn't matter where you live, many online furniture stores offer great shipping discounts if not FREE Shipping altogether. We've gathered a few unique furniture pieces and modern living room furniture ideas to share so lets explore a little.


modern-furniture-walnut-coffee-tableAbove is a great example of a super modern coffee table and a very attractive piece as well. The simplicity of it is key. The walnut tones, clear glass and brushed stainless steel offer a streamlined modern appearance while keeping a comfortable and inviting feeling.


A living room needs to be functional for daily living and comfortable for your family and friends to kick off their shoes. Place the larger furniture items such as the sofa, coffee table, side tables, entertainment center, TV stand, bookcase, etc... in their proper spot first. As you add more furniture to the room, be wary of closing in walkways to tight. Be picky about what is displayed about the room. Too many knick-knacks and wall art can appear cluttered and






Lighting is an amazing feature when used properly. Lighting for utilitarian reasons is one thing but, interesting lighting viewed through colored glass or set behind furniture will add a brilliance that is only achieved through the best lighting techniques. A soft pink light that illuminates from behind small furniture pieces ads a warm glow and works as a soft night light too. Studies have shown that the color pink is soothing and brings a peaceful energy to a room.


There is so much more information and interesting tips to publish, follow along, if not for the information, hopefully for entertainment.