Streamline Bathroom Furniture And Fixtures For Modern Bath Designs


The bathroom is an area of the home where not only have fixtures changed cosmetically but basic functionality and option choices are amazing now. All of your modern bathroom needs can be found right here at Studio 9 Furniture.

We offer a collection of vanities great for all bathroom sizes. With many color, finish and size options available, finding just the right one will be a breeze. Still looking for more bathroom storage space? We have a wonderful selection of bathroom side linen cabinets and medicine cabinets that bring the full visual appeal together. Clean Lines and simplicity is a very practical design idea for the modern bathroom. The quality of materials also take great importance to us while we search for interesting bathroom fixtures. Our up to date selection offers just that

Browse through our selection of cutting edge sink faucets and pick the finish of your choice. Compliment your entire design idea with bathroom accessories made from quality materials and show off your personality. We house a great selection of nifty bath collections that are quite unique.

The showering experience has changed quite a bit over the years. The modern bathroom designed with a luxury shower panel system is the ideal choice for amazing customization and options.

Whether you’re remodeling or newly designing, selecting the proper toilet for what you need is important. Modern plumbing fixtures keep functionality and design on the same page. With quality in mind too, Studio 9 Furniture offers a variety of newly designed toilet styles that may just work for you!